Native Americans traditions have always been connected to nature. They believe that everything has a spiritual soul. The Zuni, a small tribe in the Southwest, believe that animals are more divine than humans and therefore stronger than men. For many moons they have been making and carrying fetishes (small animals considered as Native American talisman) and at HARPO we would like to offer you a nice selection of them. These Native American fetishes, like totem animals or Native American amulets, will accompany and protect you.

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HARPO’s fetishes, a whole world

What is a Native American fetish? 

Like amulets, fetish animals are small sculptures to be carried around or used as decorative objects. Historically, the Natives of the Zuni tribe lived of farming and hunting, and these small animal sculptures were indispensable to hunters, who never failed to take them during their expeditions. Fetishes ensure the benevolence of the soul. Each animal represents its own spirit, its own inner strength, and protects its wearer.

A fetish often carries an arrowhead, pearls or both on its back. The arrow, indispensable to hunters, is synonymous with protection. Beads are offerings made to the protective fetish. Some are adorned with an arrow encrusted from the mouth to the heart, the lifeline: it represents the animal's breath, supposed to enable it to dominate and master its prey.

What fetishes do we have at HARPO? 

At HARPO, all our Native American fetishes are created by Zuni craftsmen and women. Each piece is handmade from natural materials and signed by its creator. Some of our artists are very well known and their fetishes are sought after by collectors!

What we like about HARPO is to offer you a wide selection of Native American fetishes, in a variety of shapes and materials. The most represented animals are the emblematic wild animals of the American West: buffalo, wolf, bear, eagle... and sometimes there are other cute surprises: turtles, otters, ants, butterflies... 

In terms of materials, Zuni artists use a wide range of stones, shells and woods to create their fetishes.

Why treating yourself or the your surroundings with Native American fetishes? 

A Native American fetish is the assurance of a unique object, handcrafted and steeped in tradition. Whether you're a connoisseur or not, you won't be able to resist Zuni fetishes - they're so beautiful and made with such care. Take a look at them and you'll be convinced!

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