HARPO's Native American belts range from turquoise belts, to leather belts, to horsehair belts, and of course the famous concho belt (concha belt) in silver or turquoise from the Southwestern United States, whose beauty is unmatched. These concha belts are emblematic pieces of Native American jewelry, they carry the history of Navajo and Zuni know-how while being iconic fashion accessories. You will have the opportunity to accessorize your Native American leather belts and with our unique and original Native American belt buckles.

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Know more about Harpo belts

What kind of belts do we have at HARPO?

HARPO is the temple of Native American jewelry: the turquoise belts we offer are iconic jewelry accessories of Southwestern Native American craftsmanship. It's the Navajo who are best known for belts’ silversmithing: the concho belt (or concha belt) to be precise. This emblematic belt is made of leather and various pieces of stamped sterling silver, sometimes set with American turquoise. This type of belt survived ages and trends, and has often been seen on big names in music or fashion: Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Ralph Lauren...

Who makes HARPO belts?

Behind every Native American belt you will find an exceptional Native American silversmith. As for all HARPO jewels, the concho belt is a piece of jewelry that takes hours / days / weeks of expert work to make. Some of the Native American artists who make them are world-renowned, others more regional, but all are gifted jewelers, and silverwork have been at the heart of their craft for decades.

May I find simple leather for my buckle? 

We offer a few models of black or brown belt leather, without any buckles. These leathers are designed to be purchased with our Native American belt buckles, which you'll find on our e-shop and in our boutique.

What makes HARPO belts so special?

Today, belts are considered accessories, "little extras", but at HARPO our belts are real jewels, jewels of Native American craftsmanship!

Investing in a HARPO turquoise or silver belt is the assurance of acquiring a wardrobe staple that will be as beautiful as it is unique and enduring: the kind of sartorial touch that can define your whole style!

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