A bit of history

It is in 1971, in a garage box, that the epic begins.

Gerard "Harpo" Nadaud, 25 years old, evolving in the world of the clothing industry, discovers through a close relationship, the Amerindian craft industry. Love at first sight is immediate.

He is attracted by these jewels full of history whose main element is the turquoise which, for the Amerindians, happens to be a magic and protective stone.

Wishing to know more about the art of the Natives, he finds himself one day on the road to the Red and dusty Lands of the Great American West. He made several trips there, from New Mexico to Nevada through Arizona and met Native American artisans. He brings back in his suitcases superb jewels. These few pieces in turquoise are at the time exposed in his new showroom, rue Michel Lecomte, reserved for professionals. From year to year, the small company, strong of its success, becomes the place to be for the American Turquoise. This stone with its unparalleled magnetism also attracts the curious.

Gérard then decided to broaden his horizons to individuals and to open a retail boutique, dedicated exclusively to Amerindian craftsmanship, right in front of his showroom. He would later open another store on rue des Canettes. But it is at the end of the 90's, that his desire to find a beautiful showcase in order to exhibit exceptional pieces (wholesale & retail), will make 19 rue de Turbigo the unique place of Amerindian artisanal elegance. As his family tribe grows, he will passionately transmit to Dorothée his knowledge, enthusiasm and sharp eye, which today allows HARPO to offer you the most beautiful jewels from the Great West.

Our ethics

The relationships we have established with the artists and artisans we work with have always been based on trust, esteem and respect. Over time and through our many travels throughout these five decades, we have built a unique and privileged relationship with the Amerindians.

Our artists have been passing on their know-how to their families for more than 150 years, and we have naturally been led to follow them from generation to generation. Thus Gerard having founded the bases with the elders, we have taken over the reins with their children, in order to continue this beautiful adventure as long as possible.

Whether it is with the Navajos, the Hopis, the Zunis, the Pueblos, and many other tribes, we adapt ourselves to the rhythm and the speciality of each one of them. This sometimes requires patience, time, and perseverance, but the love of these pieces is stronger than anything else! Like kids, each trip amazes us and always surprises us with the treasures we find.

As a result, the jewelry and other Amerindian objects that we find are distinguished by their quality and authenticity.

We invite you to travel in our space dedicated to the American Southwest, gathering in a colossal stock, jewelry, decorations, various objects and all kinds of unique or limited edition pieces, signed by great Native American artists.

The great diversity of these pieces with turquoise stones, all chosen one by one, shows the wide range of colors and styles that is done in the Native American craftsmanship. With each trip across the Atlantic, we select new ones; there are never two identical ones and your jewel will be unique in the world.

Why so many choices? Because there is no more eclectic than the clientele of the Harpo boutique. There is something for everyone. You'll meet fashion enthusiasts, collectors, business men and executive women, students, gemstone enthusiasts, and celebrities... All of them are novices as well as connoisseurs.

Our jewels are made of solid silver 925/1000e, set with natural turquoise, exclusively American, with multiple tones going from brown to green and (obviously) so many shades of blue. We also find superb pieces in skins, pearls and other noble materials... Each piece of jewelry or object carries the heritage of a proud people with an incomparable know-how.

HARPO: the Tribe

Great by its notoriety, humble by its operation, HARPO is a family business.

In its unmissable boutique at 19 rue de Turbigo in Paris, if you don't see Gerard, the discreet Grand Chef, arms folded behind his back and a little smile under his white moustache, you will inevitably cross paths with one of his three daughters: Dorothée, Valentine or Ella.

They are the "Three Sisters", just like the Native American agricultural technique where the Three Sisters represent corn, bean and squash, three plants that create strong, enduring crops when grown together: beans twine around the corn's tall stalks and the corn's broad leaves retain the ideal moisture level on the ground for squash to develop.

Just as these three complementary plants provide the best crops, the three HARPO daughters work to keep up with the tradition of their father's business: the first purchases, the second sells, and the third looks after the books.

The HARPO team also includes exceptional, passionate and attentive salespeople who create customer loyalty from their personal service. Thanks to them, enthusiasts visiting the store for the first time are drawn back again and again and every time learn a little more about the philosophy of the Native Americans, whose culture held such a fascination for us as children. Some customers have been regulars since the establishment opened, whereas others have just discovered it. Needless to say, we pay particular attention to each and every one of them.

In just half a century, HARPO has evolved across fashions and trends while sticking to its authentic and traditional core nature of high-quality limited editions.


“Not just a present but a way of life”.

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