HARPO turquoise necklaces, whether large or small, are all handmade by Native American artists and craftsmen with exceptional skills. You will find here necklaces in genuine turquoise and sterling silver. We offer turquoise chockers, long turquoise necklaces, silver beads necklaces, Heishi beads necklaces and our famous fetish necklaces (Native American animal necklaces). One thing is sure, at HARPO, whether you choose a Navajo necklace, a Heishi necklace or a Zuni necklace, all these Native American necklaces will make the difference!

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Want to know more about our necklaces? 

Who wear HARPO’s necklace ?

You may (wrongly)  think that HARPO necklaces are for women. Yet, we have a great selection of men's necklaces too. What really counts is the length of the necklace you will choose. While women like to wear necklaces of all lengths (from chokers to sautoirs), men tend to opt for models that are at least 54cm (21 inches) long. Once you have decided on a length, the important thing is to DARE to choose what you love, and when it comes to turquoise necklaces, sky is the limit.

Who is making HARPO’s necklaces? 

All our necklaces are made by various Native American craftsmen and women from the Southwestern United States. Each artist belongs to a tribe, known for making a particular type of jewelry, and among these silversmiths, each person has a unique know-how that makes their creations so special. So we're delighted to offer you Navajo necklaces in sterling silver beads, imposing Navajo or Zuni sets in sterling silver and genuine turquoise, and Pueblo necklaces made entirely from various Heishi beads (tubular shaped) in different genuine stones and shells.

What to wear with your HARPO necklace? 

With a Harpo necklace, you can of course create a beautiful turquoise set with earrings, bracelets or rings. But what we also particularly like to offer is to create for you over time a collection of Native American necklaces in different sizes to dress up your décolleté with a pretty cascade of different styles and lengths. We also like to suggest combining our necklaces in silver beads, turquoise nuggets or Heishi beads with our pendants. This will create unique and original genuine turquoise jewelry.

What make HARPO necklaces so special ? 

Harpo is known for its genuine turquoise necklaces... I don't need to remind you that offering BEAUTY and REALNESS has always been at the heart of our company. When you buy a HARPO necklace, you're wearing a unique piece of jewelry handcrafted by an expert Native American silversmith. We are committed to offering you a wide choice of models, from discreet to imposing. Among our bestsellers, look out for our fantastic Native American animals necklaces (called fetish necklaces) made of small animals in turquoise and other stones.

Will you find all our necklace on our e-shop? 

We do our best to offer a wide selection of Native American necklaces on our website, and we try to offer several variations of models with different length choices. You will also find some superb one-off pieces... but you'll always have more choice in our boutique, 19 rue de Turbigo (75002 Paris), a great jewelry box!

How to take care of your HARPO necklace?

When you opt for an all-silver necklace, the best thing to do is to use our special polish fabric. If your necklace is only made of stones, then the best care you can take is to keep it away from water (avoid showers and baths, swimming pools, the sea, etc.), corrosive perfumes and rich creams. Your HARPO necklace is a marvel of precious natural materials, so take good care of it.

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