Discover our silver belt buckles and our turquoise belt buckles, made by Native American artists who are proud of their origins and the history of their people. Navajo belt buckles, Hopi belt buckles, Zuni belt buckles are iconic accessories of international fashion, but also and above all of Native craftsmanship... it is up to you to (re)update them! A handmade ranger buckle (turquoise ranger buckle or silver ranger buckle), an oval belt buckle, a rectangular belt buckle will be the timeless accessory of your different outfits. You will also have the opportunity to discover our beautiful genuine leather belts, which will perfectly match the HARPO belt buckles.

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HARPO’s belt buckles 

What types of belt buckles do we have available? 

The silver belt buckle and turquoise bel buckle are iconic accessories in the USA, particularly in the Southwest. Beyond that it's simply a must-have when it comes to fashion and style. At HARPO, we offer you genuine American belt buckles: Native American belt buckles to be precise! Here, you will find Navajo silver belt buckles (known for the imposing American turquoise set into them and their beautiful stamped and chased silver work), Zuni (whose stone inlays are highly emblematic) and Hopi (whose silver work is amazing). 

Who’s making HARPO belt buckles? 

All the belt buckles we offer are made by Native American craftsmen and craftswomen living in the Southwestern part of the USA. Among this large number of artists, some have been practicing their art of silversmithing for generations, others do it on a more anecdotal basis, some are world-renowned artists and have won numerous awards, while others are prodigies in the making. In any case, one thing is certain: HARPO belt buckles are handcrafted and of the highest quality, just like all the other jewelry we offer, whether set with stones or not.

What about the belts to go with your buckles?

Depending on the belt buckle you choose, we have two types of leather: handmade ranger buckles (four-element belt buckles) go with our thinner leather, and all our other belt buckles (rectangular, oval and others) match with our wider leather. You can see these leathers in our belts category.

Why are HARPO belt buckles so special? 

Today, belt buckles are considered as accessories. But at HARPO, our belt buckles are real jewels, jewels of Native American craftsmanship!

Like each of our jewels, behind each of our belt buckles are Native American silversmiths from different tribes of the American Southwest: Navajo, Pueblo, Zuni, Hopi. Each piece is uniquely crafted. Investing in a Navajo belt buckle is the assurance of acquiring a wardrobe staple that will be as beautiful as it is unique and enduring: the kind of object that can define your whole style!

Will you find all our belt buckles on our website?  

Our e-shop offers you a wide choice, from silver belt buckles to turquoise belt buckles. We try to give you an overview of the different styles that exist for Native American belt buckles, but you'll always have more choice at our shop. We are located at 19 rue de Turbigo, 75002 Paris.

How to take care of your HARPO belt buckles? 

You'll see that we have different types of Native American belt buckles: some are made entirely of sterling silver, while others are set or inlaid with stones. If your buckle is made entirely of silver, maintain it with our special fabric (which will give it a touch of shine if you feel the silver has a slight patina). On the other hand, if the belt buckle you choose is entirely set with genuine turquoise, or if it's made from Zuni inlay, the best thing to do is just to keep it from getting knocked or snagged. HARPO belt buckles are more than just accessories, they're real jewels, to be treated with care!

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