Bolo ties

Harpo offers you a beautiful selection of Bolo Ties, this typically American accessory that is worn around the neck like a tie.
From the silver bolo tie to the inlay bolo tie or the turquoise bolo tie, this original unisex accessory will refine your look for everyday life and special occasions. Indeed, in essence you can find here men bolo tie and bolo tie for women, this accessory is suitable for everybody. You will only have to choose your sterling silver bolo tie between Navajo bolo tie, Zuni bolo tie or Hopi bolo tie.

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Bolo ties

What is a bolo tie? 

The silver bolo tie is an emblematic accessory of the Wild West culture! You've inevitably seen it in films, TV series and documentaries: it's the tie of the cowboy, the rancher, the farmer... And over time, this accessory so emblematic of the country universe has also taken a big part in the fashion and film industries, music, and so on.

What kind of bolo ties do we have at HARPO?

At HARPO, we offer a wide selection of turquoise bolo ties, as well as sterling silver bolo ties without stones set on them (made by Navajo artists). You'll also find bolo ties with fine marquetry (in this case Zuni creations). The centerpiece of the bolo tie is always made of sterling silver (and genuine turquoise or other stones depending the silversmith’s will). The sliding clasp on the back is usually made of metal.

Wearing a bolo tie, OK but with what? 

Traditionally, the bolo tie is worn over a shirt. But you can wear your Native American bolo tie on a t-shirt, a blouse, a sweater... Anything you’d like! Once again, it's all about being daring and inventive.

Why buying a bolo tie? 

Like all our jewelry and accessories, HARPO is a guarantee of quality, originality, and longevity. The bolo tie may not be the first accessory you think of, but it can be THE piece of jewelry that upgrade your style!

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