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  • Des bijoux indiens chargés d'Histoire


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  • Des colliers ethniques entre tradition et modernité


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  • The Squash Blossom

    One of the most characteristic jewels from the Southwest Indians. The “Squash Blossom” necklace...

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  • What type of pendant should you choose to match your outfit

    Wearing a pendant necklace set with stones gives a chic and elegant allure to your look, but how do you choose the one...

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  • Choosing a buckle to match your outfit

    The belt, after being carefully chosen, can be a beautiful fashion accessory. It is extremely...

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  • Wear your mocassins well

    Moccasins are shoes made with a great savoir-faire because they are entirely made by hand. Therefore it takes a lot...

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  • How do you choose a bracelet to go with your outfit

    Jewelry makes women all over the world dream! Since the beginning of time, women and men have looked to distinguish...

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  • Choose your ring well

    A symbol of union between a man and a woman, or a piece of jewelry of great value, the ring is one of those objects which...

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  • How do you choose earrings to match your outfit

    Having pierced ears is a custom that dates back for centuries and most major ancient civilizations adopted this...

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  • How to choose a watch

    Useful year after year, the watch is no longer used only to tell the time, but has become an popular fashion...

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Selection of the month

    • Woman Navajo ring, Turquoise in silver
    • Woman Navajo ring with Kingman turquoise set in silver.Stone size in mm (HxL) : 19mm x 19mm.Sterling silver 925/1000e.If you don't find this ring in your size,please contact us, we may have it in stock.
    • Woman Navajo ring Turquoise Nountain set in silver.Size of the stone (HxL) : 17mm x 14cm.Sterling silver 925/1000e.If you don't find this ring in your size,please contact us, we may have it in stock.
    • Woman Zuni bracelet, Sleeping beauty turquoise set in silver.
    • Man Zuni Bracelet Turquoise set on Silver. Wrist size : 7.1Width : 19mm.Sterling Silver 925/1000e.
    • Woman Navajo Bracelet Turquoise set on Silver. Wrist size : 5.9Width : 13mm.Sterling Silver 925/1000e.
    • Woman Navajo Bracelet, Turquoise Mountain Turquoise set in silver
    • Man Navajo Bracelet Carico Lake Turquoise set on mat Silver. Wrist size : 7.1Width : 15mm.Sterling Silver 925/1000e.
    • Woman Navajo Necklace Turquoise set in silver.+Earrings Length : 18.9.Diameter of the centrale piece : 39mm.Length of the earrings : 1.2Sterling silver 925/1000e.
    • Woman Navajo necklace, Pilot Montain Turquoises, glass beads and silver beads
    • Woman Zuni Earrings, Turquoises set in silver.Size (HxL) : 45mm x 20mm.Sterling silver 925/1000e.
    • Woman Navajo Earrings Royston Turquoise set in silver


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Legends stories


In many Indian myths, the coyote plays a very important part.By tradition he acts...

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