HARPO offers you a large choice of original or more classic Native American bracelets made by Navajo (Diné), Zuni, Pueblo and Hopi artists and craftsmen / craftswomen. At Harpo you will find genuine turquoise bracelets, coral bracelets, onyx bracelets, but also Heishi beads bracelets and Liquid Silver bracelets... all these men's bracelets and women's bracelets have in common that they are bracelets in sterling silver, genuine turquoises and different stones, handmade by Native American jewelers from the Southwest of the United States.

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To know more about HARPO bracelets

For who HARPO’s bracelets are made?

Everyone can wear our bracelets! For both men and women, the only detail to take into account is your wrist circumference. To make sure you don't make any mistakes, take a flexible measuring tape and check the circumference of your wrist at the point where your bone is: this is the larger part of your wrist, and it's essential that the Harpo bracelet you choose fits over this area. In our product sheets, we indicate wrist circumferences by measuring the inside of each bracelet, so you will be able to know if your wrist will fit the size indicated.

How are they made? 

All HARPO bracelets are made in sterling silver. Whenever you see a stone or other noble material set on it, look carefully at the product description for details. Our main stone is, the American turquoise, and when we think of HARPO, we automatically think of turquoise Navajo bracelet / genuine turquoise bracelet / turquoise inlay bracelet ... but you will also find coral, black-jet, mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli, as well as many other stones and shells found on the Southwest American market.

What makes the HARPO bracelets so special? 

You may have preconceived ideas about ethnic bracelets. Be sure that at HARPO :

- You will have a wide choice of models: cuff bracelets, inlay bracelets, all-silver bracelets... thick or thin, there's something for everyone.

- The silver bracelet, turquoise bracelet or coral bracelet you'll wear on your wrist is carefully handcrafted from genuine stones and sterling silver.

- Behind every Native American bracelet is a jeweler with his or her own history and expertise. You'll see that the vast majority of HARPO bracelets are signed by the hand of their creator.

Do we put online all our bracelets?

Well, unfortunately not! We do our best to offer different models of Native American bracelets and different wrist sizes on our website, but if you visit our boutique (19 rue de Turbigo, 75002 Paris) you will find an even wider selection.

How to maintain and look after your HARPO bracelets?

At HARPO, we take care of all our sterling silver jewelry with our special polish fabric, which you can purchase with your bracelet to make the silver shine as soon as you feel it is becoming a little dull. As far as stones are concerned, for genuine turquoise as for the other materials that can be set on HARPO bracelets: avoid water (no showers, no sea baths, no swimming pools or anything else). Of course it demands a little care, but HARPO jewelry is worth it!

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