HARPO is a family owned and operated business founded in the 1970s.

For the past fifty years, relationships with the artists and craftsmen with whom HARPO works have always been based on trust, esteem and respect. It is through time and thanks to the numerous trips made by the HARPO family members that a unique and privileged link with the Native Americans of the Southwestern part of the USA has been created. Whether it's the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, Pueblo, or any other tribe, HARPO adapts to the rhythm and specialty of each.

The artists with whom HARPO collaborates use untreated natural materials: local turquoise (mainly from Nevada or Arizona) and other stones from the American continent (serpentine, lapis lazuli, sandstone, black jet...) allowing them to create exceptional pieces, always created in an authentic and traditional way. This allows HARPO to offer small ethical productions of high quality.

To have more information about the creation of Harpo and its ethic, visit the page Our Philosophy.

PS: As all our items cannot be shown on our website, you are welcome to visit us in our shop at 19 rue de Turbigo - 75002 Paris, France,  or Contact Us for more information.

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