DECO160 Hopi pottery

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Hopi Pottery - Unique piece

Hopi pottery is an ancestral craft, requiring exceptional know-how.

Each step in the making process is a real connection with nature: 

First of all, the artist creates the shape of her/his pottery using soil from the Hopi territories. This earth is worked using the  ancestral coil and scrape technique. With expert skill, the raw material is transformed into a vessel of great finesse.

When the pottery is dry, the artist then paints his or her own designs on it. These unique designs are made from natural materials: endemic plants that they cook for hours to obtain molasses, which then solidifies and, once mixed with a little water, can be used as paint. Admire here the finesse of the hand-drawn lines and designs in these natural colors.

The pottery must then be fired for a long time in a kiln created right on the ground, finalizing this process intrinsically linked to the earth.

More than a decorative object, Hopi pottery is a true masterpiece of collaboration between Mother Nature and the skills of unparalleled artists.

Dimensions (diameter x height): 15.7cm x 6.8cm
(6 inches 1/4 x 2 inches 3/4)

Hopi creation, proudly handmade in the USA.

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