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Kachina DECO142

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Unique piece

Carver : Ivan Jackson (Hopi artist)

This Kachina is carved with precision in cottonwood. Each detail is finely chiseled: admire the bangs of his moccasins, down to the nails of his hands. This Kachina is called "Silent Warrior"... not so silent because he can shout and whistle as well as make noise thanks to the objects he has in his hand, here a dancer stick and a pine branch. It is a Kachina with great prowess and magical abilities.

On its base the artist has inscribed the words "Kuwan Kachina", kuwan refers to the bright colors that the sculptor has taken care to paint on this statuette.

The Kachinas (Katsinas) are embodiments of the spiritual form, they are supernatural beings who make the link with the divine. During certain ceremonies, dancers incarnate them and they appear to the Natives while dancing and singing, under physical forms mixing animal features and abstract figures.

Diameter of the base : 12cm (4 inches 3/4)

Height of the base: 2,5cm 

Dimensions of the Kachina (H x W) : 34,5xm x 16cm

Proudly handmade in the USA.

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