BR825 leather and silver bracelet - Harpo Paris

BR825 leather and silver Harpo bracelet

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One of a Kind piece

Beautiful bracelet in leather and mat sterling silver.

This is a stunning bracelet, both rough and strong, but made with great care !

In Native culture, large leather bracelets were once used by archers to protect the skin while shooting. It's likely that the artist who created this bracelet was inspired by these "ketoh bracelets", highly emblematic of Native culture.

The curved silver plate attached to the top of the bracelet is entirely hand-stamped. Each design is the artist's own creation as he makes his punches himself. Thanks to them, he has created a beautiful Thunderbird set with a turquoise stone. Thunderbird is an emblematic Native symbol of the American West. It is represented in the form of an impressive condor capable of creating thunder by flapping its wings and throwing lightning bolts by blinking its eyes.

This bracelet is strong, full of history... and simply very, very cool!

Minimum wrist circumference: 17cm (6 inches 3/4)

Maximum wrist size: 20cm (8 inches)

This bracelet is in leather, with a sterling silver center plate and buckle.

Navajo creation, proudly handmade in the USA.


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