BR664 Harpo bracelet turquoise and silver

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One of a Kind piece

Stunning Navajo bracelet in sterling silver set with two beautiful Number 8 turquoises (Nevada).

This cuff bracelet is an exceptional signature piece of jewelry, representative of the high-end Navajo silversmithing:

The Number 8 turquoises are as rare as they are beautiful. They are hand-carved into perfect rectangles, each of them surrounded by a thin silver cord (symbolizing the lasso and the fact that for the Natives, the stone must be tamed like a wild animal). These beautiful turquoises rest on an openwork frame of seven flat silver strands, each adorned with a sphere framing the stones and highlighting them even more. On each side of the bracelet, the ends are adorned with Native stamps specific to the artist who designed the jewelry.

Dimensions of each turquoise (L x W) : 20mm x 14mm

Width of the bracelet: 2 inches (5cm)

Wrist size : 6 inches 5/8 (17,7cm)

This bracelet is made in sterling silver.

Proudly handmade in the USA.


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