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BR781 inlay and silver Harpo bracelet

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One of a Kind piece 

Stop whatever you are doing: here's a bracelet you won't see anywhere else and that we're so excited to show you!

This cuff is made by multi-awarded Navajo artist Philander Begay. He offers us here a masterpiece mixing several exceptional Native jewel-maker skills:

Let's start with the outside of the bracelet: it represents Sunface, the sacred sun father, symbol of life. It is an emblematic Native figure, particularly well represented in the Zuni jewelry. The artist has created it here using the "cobble inlay" technique, in Sleeping Beauty turquoise (Arizona), coral, mother-of-pearl and black-jet. In the continuity of this Sunface, and covering the entire bracelet, the artist has opted for a traditional inlay (polished, for a smooth and elegant finish).
Admire the detail and finesse with which the different stones that make up this inlay (turquoise, coral, spondylus, lapis lazuli, mother of pearl, jet) are cut and composed to create a unique and precise pattern.

It is simply splendid!

As for the inner side, the artist excels in the Tufa Cast technique, an ancestral Navajo jewelry process: he takes a mold of volcanic stone (tufa) and divides it into two parts. One of these parts is carved with the design of his choice, in which he pours the molten silver. The second part covers this pattern and is firmly attached to the first. Once the silver has hardened, the piece is removed from the mold, which often breaks, creating a unique piece. The final jewel has an old and original aspect on which one clearly detects the asperity of the tufa. 

In this case, Philander Begay pays homage to the Hopi culture, by creating petroglyphs well known to this tribe: we can recognize in particular plans of corn, mountain goats, butterfly and dragonfly, but also Kokopelli, a positive and adored divinity, symbol of fertility and joy.

In short, since a picture is worth a thousand words, we let you simply admire the beauty and originality of this incredible jewel, which is a real tribute to the Native culture.

Width : 4,2cm (1 inch 5/8)

Wrist size: 17cm (6 inches 3/4)
(this bracelet will have to perfectly its future owner: it is totally impossible to spread or tighten it. So please, take the dimension of your wrist on your bone and do not hesitate to contact us if any doubt)

This bracelet is in sterling silver.

Proudly handmade in the USA.


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