Bolo tie BT44 Harpo Paris, sunface in inlay and silver

BT44 inlay Sunface and silver bolo tie Harpo

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One of a Kind piece

Zuni bolo tie representing Sunface, hair-dressed with feathers arranged like a war bonnet.

Sunface is the sacred Sun Father, symbol of life, it is a very important symbol of Zuni's culture. On this bolo tie, Sunface wears a war bonnet, like famous Native American great chiefs or warriors.

This Sunface is made in turquoise, black-jet, coral and mother-of-pearl inlaid on sterling silver.

The handmade Zuni inlay is a gathering of different stones (most often turquoise, coral, mother-of-pearl, black jet), carved and put together in order to create a thin geometrical pattern. The piece is then polished in order to give a smooth and elegant finish to the jewel.

From Western movies to runway shows, the bolo tie is an emblematic accessory of the Southwest of the USA. In everyday life, the bolo tie will accessorize your outfit with strength and originality and on your Sunday's best outfit it can be a strong and good replacement for a tie or necklace.

Metal slide clip at the back. 

Black braided leather with sterling silver tips. 

Dimensions of the central piece: 56mm x 36mm

Proudly handmade in the USA. 


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