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BT53 silver bolo tie Harpo

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One of a Kind piece

Beautiful sterling silver Navajo bolo tie with a bear paw print.

This bolo tie is composed of two silver plates of the same size: one is engraved with a bear paw print and soldered to the other, creating a stencil effect. The silver background is oxidized to create contrast between the two pieces.

The bear, an emblematic animal of the American Southwest, is a symbol of strength and power. The its paw print is a sign of good omen.

From Western movies to runway shows, the bolo tie is an emblematic accessory of the Southwest of the USA. In everyday life, the bolo tie will accessorize your outfit with strength and originality and on your Sunday's best outfit it can be a strong and good replacement for a tie or necklace.

Centerpiece dimensions (L x W): 3.9cm x 3.1cm
(1 inch 5/8 x 1 inch 1/4)

Braided lace in black vinyl, fastening system and points in sterling silver.

Proudly Navajo handmade in the USA.


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