Which turquoise jewel to wear according to your skin tone?

HARPO jewelry and more specifically turquoise jewelry fits absolutely everyone, regardless of gender, age or evenless skin color. 

The turquoise: back to the origins 

Turquoise have always been synonym of fascination. Its unique color can evoke a pure blue sky as well as a Caribbean sea. The Incas worshipped it and the Native Americans used it a lot. This fascinating and timeless stone is today sublimated in the HARPO jewelry collections. 

The turquoises from the South-West of the USA

This stone composed of hydrated phosphate of iron and copper has always been attractive! It is mined in many parts of the world, from Iran to the United States. The one from the United States remains by far the most magical, offering extremely varied colors and shades. These turquoise stones, originating from Arizona, Nevada, Colorado or New Mexico, are highlighted in HARPO jewelry: from light blue to darker, passing through water green, emerald green and even white... One can lose oneself for hours contemplating these superb turquoise stones like paintings.

For the Tibetans, the turquoise is a national symbol while the Turks are rather attached to its spiritual power, same for the Native Americans: they have devoted a cult to turquoise because this stone is symbole of the link between the sky and the ground and is believed to have multiple virtues accomplishes.

The turquoise : more than a simple stone

Whatever the value that one lends to it, it is capable of exerting a purifying effect which was shown in lithotherapy. This science highlights the power of stones, in fact wearing them regularly or placing them in certain areas of the body such as the plexus can produce well-being. 

Its purifying power is transmitted from generation to generation. It could transform the negative waves into positive waves, even if it means to load itself with these harmful elements until it loses its color. It is an effective aid to eliminate toxins and regulate the nervous system. All these assets make it a stone to wear without moderation and in all seasons!

But among all the shades of turquoises, how to choose the turquoise that best suits our skin tone? 

On Native American jewelry, turquoise is always set on a solid silver frame. This metal is suitable for all skin types and it is important to choose the turquoise with care in order to enhance your skin tone.


Choose a blue or green stone but with a strong tone. The more contrast there is with your skin, the prettier it will be. Dare to go for example towards Kingman turquoise (Arizona) which offers beautiful shades ranging from a very bright sky blue to a darker and deeper blue. Do the same if you are going for a green turquoise: dare to go for an emerald or flaming green, and don't hesitate to go for turquoise with beautiful visible matrices.

On the other hand, a stone that is too light will not stand out on light skin and will not look good on a light skin tone, unless that is the desired effect.

At HARPO, our motto is simple : Treat yourself! Let us guide you through our beautiful collections of sterling silver jewelry, and let us guide you through the different shades of turquoise.


Lucky you : Have fun, everything fits you! From the various azure blues of the Kingman turquoise (Arizona), to the very light lagoon blue, almost white, of the Dry Creek turquoise (Nevada), to the very contrasting stones such as the Number 8 turquoise (Nevada), to the superb Royston turquoise (Nevada) going from water green to emerald green... It's quite simple, all the turquoise from the Southwest of the United States will look perfect on your skin. 

This advice is valid for the choice of all your jewelry (ring, bracelet, necklace etc...). However, when choosing your earrings, remember to match them to your eyes. They will brighten up your look!

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