The Royston turquoise: a Nevada beauty

Among the gemstones that captivate the world for generations, turquoise is a stone of infinite shades of blue. American turquoise in particular is the one we showcase at HARPO.

HARPO, a unique jewelry store for genuine turquoise

Harpo has been in business since 1971. Here you'll find one-of-a-kind, sterling silver jewelry set with stunning turquoises from the Southwestern United States. All our jewelry is made by Native American artists and crafts(wo)men with incomparable silversmiths skills. As you enter our Parisian boutique (or browse our website), you will be amazed by our huge stock of beautiful American turquoise, ranging from blue to green.

History and location of Royston turquoise

The area around Tonopah, Nevada, is home to a wealth of turquoise : this is where the Ajax, Crow Springs, Easter Blue, Lone Mountain and Pilot Mountain turquoise mines are located... as well as the one we're particularly interested in: Royston turquoise. 

The Royston mine is the oldest patented mine in Nevada. It has been producing and extracting genuine turquoise since 1902. The Royston Mine has been owned and operated by the Otteson family for several generations.

As with all turquoise, discovering the nuances and subtleties of Royston is well worth the effort.

Ochre-white rock contains green-blue lagoon nuggets

The turquoise extraction process reveals its gorgeous colors step by step.

See here, for example, from left to right:

The rocks of the Royston mine reveal beautiful blue grooves, making it possible to identify which ones may contain turquoise nuggets, like those shown on this picture on the right.

And it's when the turquoise is polished that the magic happens: the chalky rock reveals a brilliant blue...
the kind of breathtaking hue that only Mother Nature can produce!

Royston turquoise is, in our opinion, one of the most beautiful turquoises in the Southwestern U.S.A. At HARPO, we want to show you the very best, so when we find jewelry made with this turquoise, we don't hesitate to offer it in our boutiques. 

Royston turquoise can be recognized by its shades, which range from a soft lagoon blue to emerald or even fir green. On this gradient background, brown matrices stand out, in a warm, almost luminous brown... The truth is, you simply have to see it to believe it!

Take a look at the two views below, taken as close as possible to the material:

HARPO jewelry in Royston turquoise and sterling silver

If you have a choice to make and you want to focus on ONE turquoise, Royston turquoise is definitely a safe bet. 

It's quite simple: as soon as a Royston turquoise is set on one of our jewels, it will always be an exceptional piece. Royston turquoise has a way of striking the eye and creating a wow effect.

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