Our after-sales service

Harpo jewels are handcrafted by Native American artists and artisans who work with great skill to produce quality pieces. Like all handmade creations, Harpo jewelry and accessories must be treated with care and delicacy. As a reminder, do not hesitate to consult our page How to clean and maintain your jewelry

If by accident one of your Harpo pieces is victim of a small accident, please contact us and be honest ;-) --> tell us exactly what happened to your jewel so we can understand the problem and fix it as best we can. 

IMPORTANT : some accidents can be avoided, by respecting some instructions

- In order to preserve the natural stones and their settings, do not wash your dishes with your jewelry (nor wash your hands, take baths and showers, or go in the swimming pool...) 

- For bracelets: it is imperative not to spread them or tighten them. Silver is a precious and flexible metal that can suffer from these manipulations. Also if your bracelet is made of stones inlay (marquetry) or if it is set with plain stones, the frame will deform if you force on your bracelet and the stones will be lost. To avoid any worries, please refer to the explanatory note below:

Our after-sales service, present in our store, is equipped with expert hands that will study the feasibility of a repair. 

Please note : We provide after-sales service on all jewelry purchased from Harpo directly or through our dealers. We do not repair jewelry purchased elsewhere. Any repair will be charged unless the jewelry is subject to a manufacturing defect, in which case it will be taken care of or exchanged.

If the piece requires very special work, we will ask for your agreement to send it to the USA, directly to the artist who designed it, because it is essential for us to guarantee you a quality repair. This is why in this case, we take the opportunity of one of our trips to the United States to entrust the jewel to the craftsman who created it and we will pick it up on the next trip (because we can't take the risk of losing your jewels by sending them by mail or by any other carrier). So you have to be prepared to wait one to three months... but what we wouldn't do for a Harpo jewel? :-)

Thus, you can turn to us if your Harpo jewelry : 

- have lost one or more stones (if this is the case, keep them carefully until you bring your piece to us)

- need a new clasp

- need a rethreading

or anything else...  

In all cases, it is necessary to go to the store or send us an email with photos so that we can evaluate the work to be done and its cost. We study each request and make sure to carry out the repair as soon as possible.

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