CC09 ceinture concho en argent et cuir

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Unique and exceptional piece!

Stunning Navajo belt: sterling silver Concho, sliding on a double hand-braided leather strap.

This beautiful Navajo belt is a one-of-a-kind piece, created by a multi-awarded renowned Navajo artist, known for producing very small quantities of high-end jewelry with a unique design.

The centerpiece of this belt is a great round concho in sterling silver. This concho is a fine example of the Repoussé technique, a traditional jewelry-making process recognized by its domed elements surrounded by oxidized silver stamps. This darker designs gives cachet and structure to the final jewel.

Admire the artist's meticulously-crafted serrated concho: each petal is embossed and pierced of a small hole. In the center of the concho, various small flowers are also hammered. Absolutely every detail of this concho is executed with the "perfect gesture" so that all the elements have the same depth and the whole creates a stunning, uniform finish.

This concho slides over two thick, hand-woven leather straps, a technique usually found on bolo ties (cowboy ties). It's very original to see this system applied to a belt and it is very clever: it allows you to adjust the belt to the size of your choice.

You can slide the concho to the size you want and attached it to the small silver ring.

The silver work doesn't stop at the concho since the artist has also created silver tips to seal the braiding of the leather, which ends in fringes. This belt definitely recalls a lasso, an emblematic cowboy object.

In short, this belt speaks for itself: it's a piece of flawless quality and originality. You'll leave the people speechless when you'll wear it!

Concho diameter: 8,7cm (3 inches 1/2)

Maximum possible waist circumference: 90cm (35 inches)

This belt is made of sterling silver and genuine cow leather.

Navajo creation, proudly handmade in the USA.


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