HARPO earrings can be as discreet as they are voluminous. Whether made entirely of silver or set with American turquoise and other exceptional stones, these Navajo earrings, Pueblo earrings and Zuni earrings will dress up your face and accessorize your outfit remarkably well. You will be spoiled for choice among our wide selection: sterling silver feather earrings, turquoise earrings, inlay earrings, small studs or large turquoise earrings, you will see that everything is beautiful at HARPO!

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To know more about HARPO earrings

What type of earrings you will find at HARPO?

At HARPO, we have turquoise earrings in a wide range of volumes, to suit people who like thin earrings, little studs, hoops, dangling earrings or big, voluminous Navajo earrings. It's up to you to decide what you prefer, depending on your style and what you dare to wear! 

Who’s making HARPO earrings?

All the earrings we offer are made by Native American craftsmen and women living in the Southwestern United States. Among this large number of jewelers, some have been practicing their art of silversmithing for generations, others do it on a more anecdotal basis, some are world-renowned and have won numerous awards, while others are prodigies in the making. In all cases, one thing is certain: HARPO turquoise earrings are handcrafted and of the highest quality, just like all the other jewelry we offer, whether set with stones or not.

Do we have men earrings? 

As mentioned above, we have lots of different styles and volumes, so it's up to you to choose what you like best! Among our iconic earrings, small studs, small creoles or silver feather earrings can suit gentlemen. On the other hand, dangling and/or massive earrings set with genuine turquoise are more popular with ladies.

What make HARPO earrings so special?

Like all our jewelry, HARPO earrings are handcrafted by Native American artisans and craftspeople from various tribes in the American Southwest: Navajo, Pueblo, Zuni, Hopi. Behind each earring is an artist of exceptional skill. Wearing these ethnic earrings is the assurance of wearing an original, high-quality piece of jewelry. The beauty of HARPO is the quality of the materials and the know-how of the Natives behind it. So if you like volume, you will appreciate the Navajo craftsmanship, and if not, you will surely appreciate the finesse of the Zuni work (inlay and needle point).

Do we show all our earrings on our e-shop?

The answer is no! We offer you the widest possible choice on our e-shop, but if one day you do us the pleasure of visiting our boutique, you'll see that we have a very large selection to offer you. 

How to take care of your HARPO earrings?  

If you opt for sterling silver earrings only, with no stones or pearls, then no worries, they can live your life with you. On the other hand, if you opt for earrings set with turquoise (or other stones) or inlay, we advise you to remove them whenever they come into contact with water (no baths or showers, let alone swimming pools, the sea, etc.).

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