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CO225 Pueblo Eagle Tail necklace Harpo

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One of a Kind piece

Stunning Pueblo necklace featuring long eagle feathers made in an inlay of Kingman turquoise (Arizona), coral, shell, mother-of-pearl and black-jet, on three impressive strands of Heishi beads in Kingman turquoise, black-jet and melo shell.

Eight feathers compose the centerpiece of this necklace, making it a traditionnel Eagle Tail necklace, an essentiel piece of Pueblo jewelry. 

Pueblo artists are known as the early representatives of Native jewelry as we know it today. They have been making jewelry from natural materials (stones, shells, wood...) for many moons, and the inlaid eagle tail is a staple of their jewelry work. The eagle is an emblematic animal of the American West, considered the guardian of the sky. This majestic bird of prey embodies divine strength and a link with the spirits. 

The Heishi handcraft is a long and meticulous process: First, rough-cut stones or shells are drilled and then strung on a wire, after which the artist holds both ends of the strand and carefully draws the beads back and forth across a grinding wheel or other rough surface to shape the Heishi beads.

High-quality hand-made Heishi beads should feel uniform and smooth to the touch, such as these ones.

Centerpiece dimensions: 10,5cm x 7,4cm
(4 inches 1/4 x 3 inches)

Necklace length: 59cm + 17cm for each tie
(23 inches + 6 inches 3/4)

Pueblo creation, proudly handmade in the USA.


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