BA1431 inlay and silver ring - Harpo Paris

BA1431 inlay and silver Harpo ring

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One of a Kind piece

Beautiful Navajo ring, featuring Damale turquoise (Nevada), Nevada Blue (Nevada), Kingman turquoise (Arizona) and Sleeping Beauty turquoise (Arizona), as well as coral on sterling silver.

This ring is a stunning piece of jewelry, representative of two Native silversmithing techniques.

The upper part of the ring is made of "Cobble Inlay", a type of marquetry characterized by large volumes and reliefs. "Cobble" is the perfect name for this exceptional work, which is as elegant as it is massive, and although contemporary, imitates the ancestral technique of mosaic.

The ring is made from Tufa Cast: an ancestral silversmithing process. The artist takes a mold of volcanic stone (tufa) and divides it into two parts. One part is carved with a design of his choice, into which he pours molten silver. The second part covers this pattern and is firmly attached to the first. Once the silver has hardened, the piece is removed from the mold, which usually breaks, creating a unique piece. The resulting jewel has an old-fashioned, original look on which the asperity of the tufa is clearly visible.

Phalanx width: 1.4cm (0.5/8 inch)

Height of the inlay: 1cm (0.1/2 inch)

This ring is in sterling silver.

Proudly Navajo handmade in the USA.


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