Fetishes animals

In a time when the Zuni tribe lived from agriculture and hunting, the hunters could'nt do without these amulets and would never forget to bring them during their expeditions. The fetishes assure the benevolence of the soul.

Each animal represents its spirit, its own inner force and protects its owner.

A fetish often features on its back an arrowhead, or pearls or both.

The arrow, essential for the hunters symbolizes protection. Pearls are offerings to the protecting fetish. Some are adorned with an incrusted arrow that runs from the mouth to the heart. This represents the line of life : The animal's breath allowing it to dominate and master its prey.

Each piece is unique and signed by its maker. The Zuni artists who make the fetishes always work following their inspiration, never on order. Two pieces are never exactly the same, although the style and design of an artisan and his family are often recognizable.

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