The Zuni people are a small tribe located in the southwestern United States. They are direct descendants of the "Anasazis," who long ago, held large territories and a lot of wealth. 

The Zuni, not greatly concerned with conflicts issues and other turf wars, have managed to remain little influenced by the outside world. Living mainly in the Pueblo Zuni in New Mexico, they remain autonomous and resistant to the changes taking place around them. They have been able to protect themselves, especially by avoiding getting involved in problems that do not concern them.

Today, although most of them are farmers, many of them are skillful jewelers well known for their marvelous marquetry work, for the famous "Needle Point" (geometrical shapes composed of very finely carved turquoise), as well as for their small "Fetishes" sculptures (protective animals made of stone).

The Zunis jewels, mainly inlaid with Turquoise "Sleeping Beauty" (Arizona); mother-of-pearl, coral and pebbles, represent among others the emblematic "Thunderbird" (mythical creature of the West) without of course forgetting the "Sunface", Sun God (symbol of life) omnipresent in their creations.

The various Zuni collections available at Harpo will show you all the meticulousness necessary to create these jewels full of magic and stories, with a savoir-faire passed down from generation to generation for more than 100 years.

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