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Corn Maiden DECO144

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Unique piece

by Wilmer Kaye (Hopi artist)

This meticulously cottonwood hand-carved and hand-painted Corn Maiden is the work of a Hopi artist who has been working from his 13 years old.

This Corn Maiden in full of beauty and details : four ears of corn are arranged in a basket finely squared and decorated of Native patterns. Her face is adorned with an intense turquoise blue color, as well as her traditional necklace. At the back, the Corn Maiden's legs are crossed, showing that she is sitting on her knees on the ground, her body being entirely covered by a large shawl adorned of finely painted beautiful motifs, making this statuette unique. 

Corn Maiden is "the grandmother of sun and light". Legend says that the Corn Maidens were created by the great spirit in the palm of her right hand. This goddess grants her people the force of life by giving birth to corn and breathes the sun into the bodies of humans.

Each goddess brings a corn seed filled with the love that would be given to a child, so that this one small seed will feed the entire tribe forever. The Corn Maiden, forever present within the tribe, will watch over the little seeds so that they can grow and offer the people abundant harvests.

Diameter of the base: 11cm (4 inches 3/8)

Corn Maiden dimensions (L x W): 13cm x 8,5cm
(5 inches 1/8 x 3 inches 3/8)

Proudly handmade in the USA.

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