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BR830 lapis inlay bracelet Harpo

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Zuni bracelet in sterling silver inlaid with lapis lazuli.

The creation of this bracelet requires great precision:

He cuts rough lapis lazuli into several rectangles, that he inserts into a thick silver base. Each lapis rectangle is separated by a thin silver bar, creating an exceptional bracelet, representative of the “channel inlay” process. The lapis inlay creates a beautiful midnight-blue row framed by two grooves of oxidized silver. The result is an interesting play of light: shiny silver, matte silver and lapis blue.

Zuni inlay is most often a composition of real stones (most often turquoise, coral, mother-of-pearl and jet), cut and assembled by hand to create a geometric pattern. The whole is polished to a smooth, elegant finish.

Wrist circumference: 18.2cm (7 inches 1/8)

Width: 1.4cm (0 inch 5/8)

This bracelet is in sterling silver.

Proudly Zuni handmade in the USA. 


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