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MIS36 Harpo cuff bracelet in silver

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One of a Kind piece - Hopi handcraft

Artist: Bennett Kagenveama

Sterling silver cuff bracelet made with the Overlay technique, representing two Kachinas.

The overlay is a jewelry technique in which the Hopi excel (one of the proof being this superb bracelet). This process is composed of two flat pieces of the same size, put one on the other. The one on top is cut with a pattern and acts as a "stencil". It is applied to the bottom one, creating a silver background. This background is oxidized and scraped to create contrast between the two pieces.

The Kachinas are incarnations of the spiritual form, they are supernatural beings who make the link with the divine. During certain ceremonies, they appear to the Natives while dancing and singing, in physical forms mixing animal features and abstract figures.

The two Kachinas on this bracelet are linked to one of the essential elements of Native life: the good harvest.

Indeed, Ahöla, Kachina of the plantation is a male figure with a two-colored mask and a multitude of small crosses with two triangular spaces for the eyes, all framed by a feather headdress. Below Ahöla is Pachavuin Mana (Harvest Girl Kachina). She can be distinguished by her mask with the traditional hairstyle of Hopi young women to be married (two beautiful buttons in front of each ear) and a large central feather between her rectangular eyes.

We can clearly see under this beautiful Kachina that the artist wanted to reinforce the importance of the harvest theme by highlighting a beautiful corncob.

Wrist size: 16cm
Width : 5cm

This bracelet is made of sterling silver.

Proudly handmade in the USA. 


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