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MIS33 Harpo bracelet tufa cast silver

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One of a Kind piece - Navajo handcraft

Artist: Lee Begay

This beautiful bracelet is a curved Yei, whose sterling silver body goes around the wrist. His head is made of a beautiful Montezuma (Nevada) turquoise, a coral cabochon is set on her traditional necklace called the Squash Blossom and two Candelaria turquoises (Nevada) are set on his body and on the belt of his skirt.

This original bracelet is made using the Tufa Cast technique, one of the oldest jewelry making processes used by the Navajo:

The artist takes a mold of volcanic stone (tufa) and divides it into two parts. One part is carved with a design of his choice, into which he pours molten silver. The second part covers this pattern and is firmly attached to the first. Once the silver has hardened, the piece is removed from the mold, which often breaks, creating a unique piece. The jewel then created has an old and original aspect on which one clearly detects the asperity of the tufa.

In Navajo's mythology, the Yei are supernatural entities who were on Earth before humans. When humans arrived, the Yei gave them useful advices in many fields, before leaving forever.

Wrist size (in inches) : 6"

Width: between 16mm and 27mm depending on the body parts of the Kachina

Proudly handmade in the USA.


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