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MIS07 Harpo tufa cast silver bracelet

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One of a Kind piece - Navajo handcraft

Artist: Lee Begay

This bracelet is made with the Tufa Cast technique, one of the oldest process used by the Navajos:

The artist takes a mold made of volcanic stone (tufa) and divises it in two parts. In the first part, he carves a design of his choice, melts silver in, and tightly covers it with the second part of the mold. Once the silver is hard, the mold eventually breaks, making this piece a unique item. This technique creates a jewel of traditionnal rough aspect on which we can clearly see the beautiful lumps of tufa stone.

This bracelet is set with Kingman turquoises (Arizona) and is carved of a corn plant (symbol of good crops) and a Hopi Kachina.

The Kachinas carry the prayers of the humans to the divinities. They are supernatural beings who have a link with the gods. During some ceremonies they appear to the Natives by dancing and singing, their look is a mix between animals and abstract figures.

This bracelet is made in sterling silver.


Wrist size (in inches): 5,9"

Width (in inches): 0,8"

Proudly handmade in USA. 


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