Which turquoise ring to wear according to the morphology of your hand?

How to choose the turquoise ring that will enhance your hand? What are the models that correspond to the different hand shapes?

Your hands remain the most exposed part of your body, they are the witness of your personality. Some of your gestures, for example, can reveal your sensitivity. Decorating them with rings shows your desire to sublimate them. How to choose the turquoise ring that will enhance your hand. What are the models that correspond to the different shapes of hands?


Small hands: careful of missteps

Avoid rings that are too large. This will only accentuate the fact that you have small hands. For a matter of balance, the ideal is that your ring should not cover your skin beyond the joint of your first phalanx. However thin or medium sized rings will look great on you! So have fun! 


Thin fingers: lucky you!

If thin hands with slender fingers are the dream of many women and men, dressing them with rings can be a challenge. Don't overload your fingers at the risk of losing their lightness. You have the option of a turquoise ring set with a fairly large, irregularly shaped stone or a pear shape to accentuate the length of your fingers.

Rings on all fingers or put a ring or the finger?   

Gone are the days when only the engagement ring and the wedding ring were allowed to adorn the spouses' ring finger. Whether young or old, male or female, rings can be worn on all fingers and with pleasure. Whether a gift from a loved one or simply a personal pleasure, turquoise rings are jewelry that will delight you and embellish your hands.

Each of these rings is an invitation to travel and you just have to contemplate its hues, its veins to let you embark on memories or dreams. Make sure you choose rings and fingers that do not hinder the mobility of your hands.

If you wear several rings, it's best to remove them before you go to sleep to let your skin breathe. Whatever the shape of your hands, turquoise rings are perfectly shaped to refine and embellish them. Simply let yourself be seduced by this stone full of spirituality and unparalleled nuances.

*All these tips are valid for women as well as for men. 


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