Concho belt CC05 in silver, turquoise and leather

CC05 Harpo concho belt turquoise, silver and leather

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One of a Kind piece

Traditional Navajo Concho Belt with Crow Springs turquoises (Nevada) set in sterling silver.
One fit for all.

We can see the bump-outs and stamped works on this piece, creating various reliefs and patterns on these 11 beautiful conchas. All the elements are in sterling silver on black leather circles and attached with copper grips on the back.

The buckle is handcrafted with the Tufa Cast technique, a traditional silversmithing process used by the Navajos : The artist takes a mold made of volcanic stone (tufa) and divises it in two parts. In the first part, he carves a design of his choice, melts silver in, and tightly covers it with the second part of the mold. Once the silver is hard, the mold eventually breaks, making this piece a unique item. This technique creates a jewel of traditionnal rough aspect on which we can clearly see the beautiful lumps of tufa stone. 

The belt is in genuine black cow leather.


Length of the belt (in inches) : 42" 

Conchas diameter (in mm): 51mm
Size of the buckle (H x L in mm) : 61mm x 41mm

Every elements of this Concho Belt can be moved, which makes this belt perfect to fit on jeans and other clothing loops.

Proudly handmade in USA. 


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