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Necklace CO183

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Pueblo necklace in black-jet, turquoise, apple coral and melo shell heishi beads.

The Heishi handcraft is a long and meticulous process: First, rough-cut stones or shells are drilled and then strung on a wire, after which the artist holds both ends of the strand and carefully draws the beads back and forth accross a grinding wheel or other rough surface to shape the Heishi beads.

High-quality hand-made Heishi beads should feel uniform and smooth to the touch, such as these ones.

Clasp in sterling silver. 

Length (including clasp) : 69,5cm (27 inches)

Pueblo, "Kewa": Native tribe of the South-West, notably known for making Heishi beads, little handmade beads in tubular or puck shapes, composed of different materials and stones (turquoise, black-jet, coral and shell).

Proudly handmade in the USA. 

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