The turquoise in the fashion world: one stone for all

For ages, the turquoise has composed beautiful ornaments. This stone has crossed the centuries to become part of the daily life of fashion and accessories. At Harpo, over the years, we have seen our jewelry on the glossy pages of magazines, in music videos, movies or series. Each time, turquoise is present and is adapted to all styles.

Thus, the turquoise itself and Harpo jewels can be present in beautiful editorials in the Western world, as soon as the fashion features the codes of the Southwest of the United States: bangs jackets, Santiags boots, raw jeans, cowboy hats... So many iconics that go perfectly with large bracelets set with turquoises, rings in turquoises and beautiful bolo ties (cowboy ties).

Another essential vibe in the Fashion world is the summer universe, in which ethnic jewelry and turquoises are must-haves. In this case, the turquoise and more generally the Native American jewelry from Harpo go perfectly with white laces, light cotton, as well as colorful and lively outfits. Fetish necklaces (with beads in the shape of small animals) or beautiful turquoises ranging from blue to green set as pendants are the unmissable accessories for summer looks.

The "hippie chic" style also comes back every year with the seasons and draws its inspirations by mixing bohemian look with the 70s inspiration. This atmosphere always puts forward various ethnic jewels, including turquoises items from Harpo, such as belt buckles, beautiful earrings or other various accessories.

But the best part is that Harpo jewelry also goes with very casual or classic looks: it's simple, turquoise is a hit. Very regularly the pages of magazines present looks that are closer to everyday life and adapt turquoises and Native American jewels to all styles: no matter the look, vintage, sportswear, chic ... Turquoises go with everything and Harpo jewelry proves it by being very regularly present in the fashion world. From the more or less imposing Harpo rings, to the sterling silver and turquoise bracelets and necklaces made of different stones, you too can be tempted by a Harpo jewel! 

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