Native American turquoise jewelry for all your occasions

Accessorize your outfits in summer and winter with Native American turquoise jewelry. 

Native American jewelry and more specifically turquoise, is very trendy at any time of the year, in winter as in summer. HARPO offers all types of Amerindian jewelry: rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, belts, pendants... will accessorize all your outfits, day and evening!

These Native-American jewels are strong pieces bringing the "plus" that will change your outfit. They will give an extra touch of color to your look, as well as a symbol that will make the difference. Whether it is to accessorize your everyday style or your outfit for outings and special occasions, Turquoise jewels match with all the possibilities!

" Classic and refined or more massive and ethnic, these jewels adapt to all styles 
and to all genres and budgets. "

A pretty ring for a casual outfit

Men and women, we all deserve a ring on our finger! Turquoises are timeless and remarkable, wearing a beautiful turquoise ring on your fingers is a safe bet. The only rule is to not be afraid, to dare and to enjoy! Your style is casual? Go for an imposing ring, with a remarkable stone or choose a ring with a large setting, set with several Turquoises. This will go perfectly with your pair of jeans, sweaters, and other everyday clothes, while adding a chic touch to your casual look.

Want to opt for something more discreet to complement your classic outfit? In that case opt for fine and elegant pieces, such as those offered in the marquetry work, emblematic of the Zuni tribe and whose geometric patterns will bring a fine and elegant dressing to your fingers.

Rings all in silver with Native symbols of strong meanings, will go perfectly with all the colors and materials of your everyday clothes. More neutral and passe-partout, thin rings or a simple silver feather surrounding your finger will be perfect for those who want good basics.

A necklace for every day

The necklace is your flagship accessory? Then a Native American necklace will create the wow effect of your look. Atypical, elegant, original, it will satisfy all your desires, will not leave anyone indifferent and will put light and freshness on your day's outfit. At work, at a party with friends or on holiday, turquoise necklaces go just as well on t-shirts, as on tank tops with thin straps, shirts or even turtlenecks... and therefore lend themselves to any type of cleavage.

For large breasts, a multi-row collar will dress up your cleavage superbly. For smaller (but just as important!) breasts, fetish necklaces with a multitude of sculpted animals will go just as well on a half-open shirt as a large mesh vest. Also dare to superimpose: silver chockers go very well with a few rows of turquoise pearls.

Do you think we're only for women here? Hell no, gentlemen! Fine pearl necklaces in multiple colors, to match with a row of mat silver pearls will also look great on your torsos! And a pendant to add on our sterling silver chains will make you jump the step to go for the necklace.

Earrings to get out of the ordinary

HARPO's Native American earrings will give the remarkable touch that your outfit is waiting for. From small discreet chips to larger pieces with multiple turquoise stones, to long dangling silver feathers; each style of earrings will complete your look. Wear them with a nice pony tail or a high bun with your favourite outfit for an evening out, or with a more casual look to add character to your everyday outfit.

How about you gentlemen? (no, we still haven't forgotten about you!) Dare one or two small curls in the shape of an arrow, a cross or a feather. Come on, guys, we believe in you, let's do this together! And we'll come back later to make an article just for you ;-)


Native American bracelet, a summer must have

The Native American bracelet is a must-have ! With or without stones, the silver and turquoise bracelet brings character to your summer outfit. Depending on your preference, wear a beautiful and remarkable piece, or accumulate several thinner bracelets. It will perfectly match the light summer fabrics (linen, silk, lace). Once again, everything will be a success, it's only a matter of taste. And, lucky you, we have something for everyone!

Once again, let yourself be tempted by the accumulation: thin rows of colored beads go perfectly with silver bracelets. A feather around your wrist will become your essential accessory. And for the arrival in the big league, we'll guide you through the pieces with several Turquoises (you will see, try it and you'll adopt it).

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