The Native American rings we offer at HARPO are made of genuine turquoise and sterling silver. Thus, you will find in this category turquoise rings for men as well as turquoise rings for women, and unisex turquoise rings. We present Navajo (Diné) rings, Zuni rings and Hopi rings. Behind each of the HARPO silver turquoise ring is a Native American jeweler from the Southwestern United States who has an extraordinary know-how that we would like you to discover.

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For who HARPO’s rings are made?

The answer is simple: our rings are made for absolutely everyone! For both men and women, the only detail to take care of is the size. Just as everyone finds the right shoe, everyone will find the right ring(s) for their finger(s)! If in doubt, refer to our size guide or come to our shop in Paris. Our turquoise rings for men and turquoise rings for women are for a big majority one of a kind pieces, yet we try to offer as many sizes possible.


Who’s making HARPO rings?

All the men and women turquoise rings you will see online and you will find in our Parisian store are made by Native American craftsmen and craftswomen living in the Southwestern United States. Among these jewelers, some have been practicing their art of silversmithing for generations, others do it on a more anecdotal basis, some are world-renowned and have won numerous awards, while others are prodigies in the making. No matter what you will choose, one thing is certain: the HARPO turquoise ring is a handcrafted jewel of high quality.

How are they made?

All the turquoise rings we offer at HARPO are made of sterling silver. Whenever you see a stone or other noble material set on it, look carefully at the product description for details. At HARPO the queen is the American turquoise and when once think “HARPO” it is automatically the genuine turquoise rings that come to mind. But you'll also find coral, black-jet, mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli, as well as many other stones and shells found on the Southwest American market.

What makes HARPO’s rings so special?

We are well aware that you will come across many turquoise ethnic rings in your life. But with HARPO, you can be sure that:
- The ring you will wear on your finger is handcrafted with care from genuine turquoise and sterling silver.
- Behind each ring is a silversmith with his or her own history and expertise. You will see that HARPO rings are signed by their designers.

Will you find all our rings on our website?

The answer is a NO! We do our best to offer different models and sizes of turquoise rings on our website, but if you visit our boutique (19 rue de Turbigo, 75002 Paris) you will find an even wider selection.

How to take care of your HARPO rings?

At HARPO, we maintain all our sterling silver jewelry with our special polish fabric. You can use it to make the silver shine as soon as you feel it is getting a little dull. As far as stones are concerned, for genuine turquoise as for the other materials that can be set on HARPO rings: avoid water (no hand-washing, showering, sea bathing, swimming pool or other). It may take a little care, but HARPO jewelry is worth it!

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