Micro inlay and silver ring BA1330 - Harpo Paris

BA1330 micro inlay Navajo ring Harpo

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One of a Kind piece

Navajo ring featuring a superb rectangular inlay set in sterling silver.

This beautiful and big ring is a fine example of "micro inlay", a jewelry technique in which the artist who made it, Matthew Jack, is the master! On a superb black-jet background, he has created a Kachina face (the triangle being the head, dressed of a feather headdress). These elements are crafted from micro-inlays of various semi-precious stones: blue and green turquoises, opal and spondylus.

For his creations, Matthew Jack elaborates his designs on black-jet backgrounds inlaid with small silver dots, reminding the night and the stars, always creating signature jewels that are strong and elegant. His settings are smooth and uncluttered, as with this large ring, further highlighting his meticulous micro-inlay work.

The Kachinas are incarnations of the spiritual form, they are supernatural beings who make the link with the divine. During certain ceremonies, they appear to the Natives while dancing and singing, in physical forms mixing animal features and abstract figures.

Inlay dimensions (L x W): 2,9cm x 1,5cm
(1 inch 1/4 x 0.3/4 inch)

This ring is in sterling silver.

Proudly handmade in the USA.


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