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BA1115 Harpo ring inlay and silver

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One of a Kind piece

Beautiful Zuni ring in sterling silver representing a Rainbow Dancer, inlaid of Sleeping Beauty turquoise (Arizona), coral, butternut stone, sugilite, black-jet and mother-of-pearl.

Rainbow Dancer is a Zuni divinity that is represented with a long body, banded on his side, reminding the shape of a rainbow. It represents the beautiful colors of the heaven and of the summer rain, which is a very positive element as it means good crops.

The Zuni inlay process is a gathering of stones (such as turquoise, coral, mother of pearl and black-jet), cut and assembled by hand to create a geometric pattern. The whole is polished to create a smooth and elegant effect. 

This specific marquetry is made with an impressive finesse: this Rainbow Dancer is made with a passion for details and an unparalleled precision.

Dimensions of the central part (L x w) : 2,9cm x 1,5cm
(1 inch 1/8 x 1/2 inch)

This ring is in sterling silver.

Proudly handmade in the USA. 


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