Harpo Paris necklace CO04 heishi beads and inlaid feather

Necklace CO04

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One of a Kind piece

Santo Domingo necklace made of Heishi turquoise beads and Humming Bird feathers inlaid of apple coral, turquoise, jasper, marble and serpentine.

Sterling silver clasp. 

Length of the necklace (in inches): 23,6"

Length of the feathers (in mm): 46mm

The Heishi handcraft is a long and meticulous process: First, rough-cut stones or shells are drilled and then strung on a wire, after which the artist holds both ends of the strand and carefully draws the beads back and forth across a grinding wheel or other rough surface to shape the Heishi beads.

High-quality hand-made Heishi beads should feel uniform and smooth to the touch, such as these ones. 

Pueblo, "Kewa": Native tribe of the South-West, notably known for making Heishi beads, little handmade beads in tubular or puck shapes, composed of different materials and stones (turquoise, black-jet, coral and shell).  

Proudly handmade in USA. 


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