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CO206 Harpo heishi beads necklace

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One of a Kind piece

Beautiful pueblo necklace composed of five strands of Heishi beads made of Kingman turquoise (Arizona), pipestone, black-jet and melo shell. 

This necklace is such a beautiful and strong piece. Thanks to its adjustable chain in sterling silver, it can be positioned as a chocker or a little lower on the neckline. It is representative of the ancestral work of Native jewelry, and especially the art of the Pueblo Kewa who are the masters of Heishi beads work. 

The making of these Heishi beads is long and meticulous: stones, shells or other raw materials are first cut, then pierced and strung on a wire, then the artist sands this string on a grinding wheel to form the Heishi beads. The whole thing is then composed in a beautiful symmetrical composition of various colors. Imagine how many hours it takes to make not one, but five strands, as shown here.

The quality of genuine Heishi beads can be recognized by their uniform and smooth feel.

Dimensions : 

Shortest inner row: 30cm (11 3/4 inches)

Longest outer strand: 39cm (15 inches 1/4)

Adjustable sterling silver chain: 10cm (4 inches)

Proudly handmade in the USA.


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