Harpo Paris necklace CO58, silver Squash Blossom

CO58 Harpo necklace Squash Blossom silver

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One of a Kind piece

Sterling silver Navajo Squash Blossom.

For many moons, the Squash Blossom is one of the signature jewels of the Natives of the South West. The different tribes making this traditionnal piece, such as the Navajo, the Zuni or the Hopi, value it deeply. It is worn, forever and until now, by both men and women in rituals and festivities.

Each bead of this necklace is handmade: the artist forms half spheres that are welded to create round beads. Some of these beads open into silver tubes reminiscent of a blossoming flower buds (hence the name of this traditional necklace : Squash Blossom... and the squash is an essential foodstuff for the Natives).

The Naja, the imposing central pendant, is shaped like a horseshoe and like a talisman it brings protection to its wearer.

Length: 68cm (27 inches)

This necklace is made in sterling silver.

Proudly handmade in USA. 


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