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One of a Kind piece

Metal and sterling silver Hopi money clip with a Corn Maiden. 

The above silver plate of this money clip is made with the Overlay technique. This process includes a background soldered to another like-sized piece with a cutout design. The silver background is then oxidized and scratched to bring out contrast between the two pieces. 

Corn Maiden is the "grand-mother of the sun and of the light" and is represented as an ear of corn. Corn is an essential crop, it is considered as a very important symbol of life.

As the corn is given life by the sun, the Corn Maiden brings the fire of the sun into the human bodies, making them as the creator designed them to be.

The Great Spirit has given man many representations of his love and power through nature. The Corn maidens are said to have been created by the Great Spirit in the palm of his right hand.

Each Maiden brings one seed of corn that is nurtured with love like that given to a child , that this one seed would sustain the entire tribe forever. With love and strength from the tribe, the tiny seeds mature and grow tall and crops for the people. The spirit of the Corn Maidens is forever present with the tribal people.

Dimensions (H x W): 2" x 1" (57mm x 25mm)
This money clip is in sterling silver and metal.

Proudly handmade in the USA.

Important advice: do not open the money clip, just slide the bills or other papers inside without forcing.


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