The Medecine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel represents the circle of life. For Native Americans, this object is linked to good fortune and is often found inside the house, for the protection of the home. 

The Medicine Wheel, when used as a decorative object, consists of a circle, separated into four equal parts joined on a small slice of deer antler painted in different colors. A bit like the dream catcher, the whole is adorned with feathers. 

The central cross thus represented in the circle symbolizes the balance and the Four Elements. Indeed, in the Native American culture, many elements are based on this number: the four winds, the four seasons, the four directions, the four ages...

But traditionally, the Medicine Wheel is a sacred circle, made on the ground with natural elements. Each First Nation in North America has its own concepts and meanings of the Medicine Wheel, but it is always related to life and health.  

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