Sunface, the sacred Sun Father

Sunface is the sacred Sun Father. It is symbol of life and is omnipresent in Zuni's culture and craftsmanship. The Zuni are a Native American tribe from the Southwestern part of the United States and they are known for their incredible inlaid jewelry, on which Sunface is very often represented.

Sunface is a very important symbol in Native American art and crafts because the sun takes a primary place in Zuni's life: they know the essential role the sun takes in agriculture. Sunface, gives life, stability and continuity to the plantations and also makes families happy and serene.

Representations of Sunface vary but the main elements are a round face, often made in mother-of-pearl, with eyes represented by thin rectangular slits in black-jet or onyx. Sunface's forehead is most often made of turquoise and coral and Its mouth is a small circle. 

Around her round face, Sunface's design can be enriched with half or full circles of petal-like or feather-like designs that can represent the sun's rays.

Of course, the representations of the Sunface can vary according to the artists and the know-how of each one. For concrete examples, type "Sunface" in the search bar of our website and let yourself be guided among the beautiful Native American rings, Native bracelets and other ethnic earrings and pendants representing this Zuni divinity.

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