Fetishes animals meaning

Fetishes animals meaning

Bear, buffalo, bird, wolf, turtle, horse, dragonfly, butterfly, eagle, spider, coyote.

Badger : Tenacity, stubbornness.

Bear : Power, strengh, health, knowledge, (medicine man).

Beaver : Constructor, balance.

Bird : Freedom, lightness.

Buffalo : Plentiness, endurance, fulfill wishes.

Butterfly : Blooming, grace, metamorphosis.

Coyote : Humor, tricky, sly, deceitful.

Deer : Sensibility, sweetness, gentleness, peace.

Dragonfly: Illusion, need for change, symbol of the wind, deftness.

Eagle : Incarnation of divine power, transcendance, link with the spirits, healer.

Elk : Pride, self respect, trust, power, spontaneity.

Fox : Smart, sly, subtle, refined, clever.

Frog : Healing, calling for rain, good crop.

Horse : Earthly power, freedom, travel.

Hummingbird : Symbol of life and joy, beauty, swiftness, love.

Lion mountain : Leader, power, rapidity, lonely.

Lizard : Illusion, divinatory gift.

Otter : Symbol of feminine energy, proficiency, joy, sharing.

Owl : Vision, introspection, wisdom.

Porcupine : Kind, loving, goodwill, trust, innocence, humility.

Rabbit : Fertility, protection, good fortune, alterness.

Racoon : Curiosity, disguise, adaptability, courage.

Raven : Wisdom, of good advice, ingenious, clever.

Salmon : Homing instinct, travel, mating, determination.

Snake : Fertility, vital force, reincarnation.

Spider : Symbol of infinity and balance, responsability, creativity.

Squirrel : Swiftness, foreseeing, adaptability, trust.

Turtle : Protection, longevity, love, knowledge (mother of the earth).

Wolf : Teaching, loyalty, family, observation.

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