The Turquoise

The Turquoise

Turquoise, sleeping beauty, kingman, pilot mountain... Nevada, Arizona

Since 1971, we bring you the most beautiful turquoise stones, from the pale blue "Dry Creek" to the emerald green "Broken Arrow", and the best known of them all, the "Sleeping Beauty". Coming exclusively from the USA, mainly from Nevada or Arizona, our turquoise stones differ depending from their deposit as much by their colour and density. The turquoise being a fossilized phosphate, it feeds from oxydation of its various surrounding minerals, mainly iron, copper  which all will give it its final tint.

Vast amounts of turquoise-made objects have been found on various sites of the American West, confirming the important spiritual symbolism for the ancestral Pueblo people, as well as their Zuni descendants and other Rio Grande tribes who associate the blue turquoise stone to the father "Sky" and the green turquoise to the mother "Earth".

Early on, Zuni fetishes were sculpted in turquoise to elevate and bring out their strenght and power. The Kachina dancers from the Hopi and Zuni tribes wear turquoise necklaces and offer turquoise powder to the gods to accompany their prayers. Other South-West peoples such as the Navajos believe turquoise carries special powers, and that turquoise jewellery brings good fortune to who wear it.

Selection of the month

    • Woman Amazing Navajo Naja Earrings with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise (Arizona) set in sterling silver.Size (HxL) : 50mm x 25mm.Sterling silver 925/1000e.
    • Woman Zuni earrings with Turquoise and Black Jet inlay set in silver.Size : 64mm x 8mmSterling silver 925/1000e.
    • Woman Thunder Birds Navajo Earrings with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise set in silver.Size (HxL) : 36mm x 19mm.Sterling silver 925/1000e.
    • Woman Zuni Bracelet Sleeping Beauty Turquoises set in Silver. 
    • Woman Navajo bracelet, Sleeping beauty Turquoise set in silver
    • Woman Navajo Bracelet Twist in Silver
    • Woman Navajo Cluster necklace, Turquoises set on silver
    • Woman Navajo Fetishes Necklace in Silver.Length : 16.Sterling silver 925/1000e.
    • Woman Zuni fetishes necklace, stone carved animals Turquoise, silver clasp
    • Unisex Navajo Pendant Sleeping Beauty Turquoise set in silver
    • Unisex Navajo Pendant Kingman Turquoise set on silver.Size (HxL) : 24mm x 11mm.Sterling silver 925/1000e.
    • Unisex Navajo Cross Pendant in silver
    • Unisex Zuni Pin Taz in Pink MOP, MOP and Shell set in Sterling Silver.Size : 33mm x 18mmSterling Silver 925/1000e.
    • Unisex Zuni Pin Hello Kitty in Turquoise, MOP and Shell set in Sterling Silver.Size : 37mm x 21mmSterling Silver 925/1000e.
    • Unisex Zuni Pin Dawa in Turquoise, MOP and Black Jet and Coral set on Silver.Diameter : 40mmSterling Silver 925/1000e.


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