Legends & stories

  • Bear

    The Bear : (Representing the west)

    A plantigrad like his fellow man, he looks a little...

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  • Corn maiden

    In the Pueblo indian culture, corn is to the people the very symbol of life. The Corn Maiden...

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  • Coyote

    In many Indian myths, the coyote plays a very important part.
    By tradition he acts as a...

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  • Dreamcatchers

    According to legend, dreamcatchers were used by the woodland Indians. Hanging from a bedroom...

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  • Eagle

    The sky is blue, grey, white, yellow, red, purple, black...

    It is the kingdom of the...

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  • Feathers

    For Native Americans, feathers represent a gift from the Great Spirit as well as the bird itself...

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  • Fetishes animals

    In a time when the Zuni tribe iived from agriculture and hunting, the hunters could'nt do without...

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  • Fetishes animals meaning

    Badger : Tenacity, stubbornness.

    Bear :...

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  • Hopi

    The Hopis, descending from the Anazasis, have long specialized in pure-silver crafting,...

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  • Kachinas

    In the Hopi religion, each thing has two aspects in the world : visual and spriritual. Kachinas...

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  • Kokopelli

    Kokopelli is a mythical character often represented as a hunchback flute player, out of the...

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  • Man in the maze

    Long time ago, the "O'odham" people used to represent "The man in the maze" mostly on their...

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  • Moccasins Huron

    These moccasins are hand-made by the Huron Wendeke natives. For many moons, they've reflected...

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  • Navajo

    The Navajos - Indians of the High Plains - usually craft turquoise stone in its most natural...

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  • Red skin

    Because the « red skin » passes onto us his beauty, his wisdom and his dignity… Since 1971,...

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  • Sand paintings

    Made by the Navajo medicine men, sand paintings are usually produced at the center of the Hogan...

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  • The Turquoise

    Since 1971, we bring you the most beautiful turquoise stones, from the pale blue "Dry Creek" to...

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  • Turtle

    Protector of the newly borns, guiding them into the world, the tortoise is truly the bearer of the...

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  • Wolf

    Wolves live in packs, which members come from the same parents and share the same food. Couples...

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  • Zuni

    The Zunis are the undisputed masters of stone inlay craft and other materials in jewellery...

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Selection of the month

    • Woman Amazing Navajo Naja Earrings with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise (Arizona) set in sterling silver.Size (HxL) : 50mm x 25mm.Sterling silver 925/1000e.
    • Woman Zuni earrings with Turquoise and Black Jet inlay set in silver.Size : 64mm x 8mmSterling silver 925/1000e.
    • Woman Thunder Birds Navajo Earrings with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise set in silver.Size (HxL) : 36mm x 19mm.Sterling silver 925/1000e.
    • Woman Zuni Bracelet Sleeping Beauty Turquoises set in Silver. 
    • Woman Navajo bracelet, Sleeping beauty Turquoise set in silver
    • Woman Navajo Bracelet Twist in Silver
    • Woman Navajo Cluster necklace, Turquoises set on silver
    • Woman Navajo Fetishes Necklace in Silver.Length : 16.Sterling silver 925/1000e.
    • Woman Zuni fetishes necklace, stone carved animals Turquoise, silver clasp
    • Unisex Navajo Pendant Sleeping Beauty Turquoise set in silver
    • Unisex Navajo Pendant Kingman Turquoise set on silver.Size (HxL) : 24mm x 11mm.Sterling silver 925/1000e.
    • Unisex Navajo Cross Pendant in silver
    • Unisex Zuni Pin Taz in Pink MOP, MOP and Shell set in Sterling Silver.Size : 33mm x 18mmSterling Silver 925/1000e.
    • Unisex Zuni Pin Hello Kitty in Turquoise, MOP and Shell set in Sterling Silver.Size : 37mm x 21mmSterling Silver 925/1000e.
    • Unisex Zuni Pin Dawa in Turquoise, MOP and Black Jet and Coral set on Silver.Diameter : 40mmSterling Silver 925/1000e.


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Legends stories


The Hopis, descending from the Anazasis, have long specialized in pure-silver...

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