general terms of sale

general terms of sale

1° General conditions apply to each order processed from our website :

2° The items shown on our website are sold to you by Harpo company, located at 19 rue de Turbigo, 75002 Paris. France. tel :(33) 01 40 26 10 03 / fax:(33) 01 40 26 12 92 / Registered at Registre du commerce de Paris under the number 732 026 752. TVA : FR 74 732 026 752. SARL capital : 221 400 euros. APE code : 4649Z.

3° The items sold via our website can only be purchased by check (from a french bank) credited to Harpo to send at Harpo 19 rue de turbigo 75002 Paris France. or by crédit card (visa / mastercard). We will not accept American express card.

In case of payment by credit card, your card will be debitted seven days following confirmation of your order by secure payment from our french bank CIC Paris.  

4° On your first order, we will ask you to open a client account and to fill in an order invoice stating certain obligatory fields so we can proces your selection.

5° This data base has been subjected to declaration conforming to the french law

« Informatique et liberté » N° 78-17 as of January 6th 1978, modified by law N°2004-801 as of August 6th 2004. Informations provided on opening of your account will remain strictly confidential and cannot in any way be provided to any other company. CNIL subcription number : 1411494

6° Depending on the selections of your choice during the opening or consulting of your account on our website, you will be able to choose whether you wish to receive various offers or be informed on special operations by email.

7° If you do not wish to receive any offers, you will be able to state it by pressing the electronic link shown on the newsletter emails.

8° For each item purchased via our website, a confirmation email will be sent to you stading your number.

9° Should you not be able to order via our website, you can always do so by phone.

10° Your order will be sent by by post in « colissimo suivi » registered with insurance. Shipping to France will be 8.00 euros, to Europ : 10.00 euros, to America : 15.00 euros, to Asia : 20.00 euros, To Africa and Oceania : 25.00 euros, whatever the parcel's value. 

11° Each order will be delivered with an invoice corresponding to your purchase. Delivery will be made to the exclusive address stated while processing your order.

12° Each item is hand-crafted and therefore variations of color, shape or size are possible. The photos shown on our website are as accurate as possible but cannot represent exactly any item shown.

13° The products and prices shown on our website may eventually be subjected to modifications without  prior notification.Products are displayed while stocks last. The prices stated on our website on the date of purchase will be stated on your invoice.

14° Every effort is made at the best of our possibilities as regards updates and accuracy on informations as displayed on our website, which can be modified at any time and without prior notification. We may interrupt access to our website at any time for reasons of maintenance, security or any other technical constraint.  

15° In case the items you have ordered are not available over a period of 30 days following your order, we will be able to cancel the invoice, even after confirming the processing of your order, in which case we will inform you immediately and procced to a full refund of any payment made for those items.

16° Every effort will be made to have your items delivered by the date indicated on confirmation of your order, although we cannot always guarantee the exact date will be respected.

17° Any order processed before 4 :00 pm from Monday to Friday and paid by credit card will be dispatched on the same day. Orders paid for by check cannot be processed before receipt and verification of your payment. Any order processed after 4:00 pm will be dispatched the following day. Orders processed during weekends will be treated the following Monday.  

18° We guarantee an after-sales service on all items purchased directly at Harpo or via our french retailers. We do not repair items purchased in the USA. Each repair will be payable except in case of default, in which case it will be charged on the company or exchanged. Should the item require a specific repair, it will be sent to the USA with your full agreement.

19° Withdrawal right : From the date of reception of your order, you will have 7 days to return the item that should not meet your requirements, for exchange or refund (except the shipping charges), without extra cost – except for return shipping and customs charges.

Any item must be returned in perfect condition with the accompanying invoice corresponding to the purchase. We cannot take responsibility for theft or loss of returned items. Incomplete or damaged items, as well as items returned without their accompanying invoice, will not be refunded or exchanged. We will kindly ask you to inform us beforehand of your intention of return by email or phone.

20° The present General Conditions of Sales are subjected to the french law, excluding any reference to foreign rights. The convention of the United Nations concerning contracts of international sales of goods will not be applyable. Should they be translated into any language, only the french text will prevail in case of disagreement. In any case of dispute, exclusive competence is attributed to the « Tribunal de Commerce de Paris ».

Selection of the month

    • Woman One of a Kind piece
Sterling silver Zuni bracelet inlaid with spiny oyster (purple spondylus). 
This bracelet is representative of the channel inlay handcraft, meaning the artist creates soldered silver compartments within the backing, filled with perfectly sized and carved pieces of stones that are put together in order to create a thin geometrical pattern. The piece is then polished in order to give a smooth and elegant finish to the jewel. 
Wrist size: 6Width: 11mm
This bracelet is in sterling silver. 
Proudly handmade in USA. 
    • Woman Zuni bracelet with a beautiful Sunface inlaid of Sleeping Beauty turquoise (Arizona), black-jet, coral and mother-of-pearl. 
Sunface is the sacred Sun Father. Symbol of life, it is omnipresent in Zuni's handcrafts. 
The handmade Zuni inlay is a gathering of different stones (most often turquoise, coral, mother-of-pearl, back jet), carved and put together in order to create a thin geometrical pattern. The piece is then polished in order to give a smooth and elegant finish to the jewel. 
Wrist size (in inches): 6.5Width (in mm): 39mm
This bracelet is in sterling silver. 
Proudly handmade in USA. 
    • Man Navajo bracelet in sterling silver. 
    • Man One of a Kind piece
Zuni ring with a beautiful Sleeping Beauty turquoise (Arizona) hand-carved in a leaf's shape and a coral also hand-carved. 
This designer ring is representative of the Applique handcraft, a well-known process in Native silversmithing. The traditional Applique technique includes natural shapes (such as leaves, feathers, and flowers) cut from silver sheets and then soldered onto an underlying piece. Dimensions in mm (HxL): 27mm x 16mm
This ring is in sterling silver. 
Proudly handmade in USA. 
    • Man One of a Kind piece
Navajo ring in sterling silver with a beautiful Indian Mountain turquoise (Nevada).
The setting of the stone is hand-carved little ridges around the turquoise, enhancing the beauty of this stone. Dimensions of the stone (HxL in mm) : 30mm x 14mm
This ring is in sterling silver. 
Proudly handmade in USA.If you don't find this ring in your size, feel free to contact us, we may have it in stock.
    • Unisex One of a Kind piece
Stunning Navajo ring with a beautiful onyx cacochon set in sterling silver. 
This exceptional ring is a designer piece. The stone is surrounded by a thin silver wire, which is a representative detail of Navajo silversmithing: it is said the stone must be tamed as a wild animal. Native patterns (diamond shapes and arrows) in relief are soldered on the shank, giving more relief and depth to this ring. 
In Native culture, the arrow is symbol of protection. 
Size of the stone (HxL in mm): 17mm x 12mm
This ring is in sterling silver. 
Proudly handmade in USA. 
If you don't find this ring is your size, please contact us, we may have it in stock. 
    • Unisex Navajo bolo tie
    • Unisex Navajo bolo tie. 
    • Unisex One of a Kind piece.
Bolo tie Navajo - Sunface Kachina. 
The Kachina Sunface represents the sacred Sun Father, symbol of life and warmth, shelter for the old and playfulness for the young. 
The Kachinas carry the prayers of the humans to the divinities. They are supernatural beings who have a link with the gods. During some ceremonies they appear to the Natives by dancing and singing, and have an appearance mixing animals and abstract figures. 
This exceptionnal piece is finely handcrafted, full of details, and set of a Candelaria turquoise (Nevada). 
Metal slide clip at the back. 
Genuine black braided leather with sterling silver tips. 
Height of the central piece (in inches): 3
Proudly handmade in USA. 
    • Unisex One of a Kind piece. 
Navajo belt buckle with a beautiful Kingman turquoise (Arizona) set in sterling silver and stamped of numerous Native patterns, giving relief and structure to this beautiful designer piece. 
We can see that the number 4 features on this belt buckle in several ways: four palm shapes enhanced with four spheres are carved on the four edges of this buckle and the turquoise is surrounded by a cross with four short and rounded branches. The number four is very important in Native culture as it is linked to many symbols: the 4 winds, the 4 directions, the 4 stages of life. 
This belt buckle is representative of Navajo silversmithing: a silver wire circles the turquoise, reminding the stone must be tamed as a wild animal. 
This belt buckle is suitable for a leather width of 1.4 Size of the buckle (HxL in inches) : 2.8 x 3.3
Belt buckle back in iron. Proudly handmade in USA. THE LEATHER BELT IS SOLD SEPARATELY.
For Leather Belts: please go to category Belts
    • Unisex One of a Kind piece. 
Sterling silver rectangular Hopi belt buckle representing the Man in a Maze pattern, symbol of the paths through life. Around it, you can see patterns depicting natural elements such as rain and clouds. 
That circle with a man and a labyrinth represent life, with good and dark paths, birth and death. The journey of life is a journey through a maze, begining at birth and continuing through childhood, adulthood and finally ending in old age.
This belt buckle is made with the Overlay technique. This process includes a background soldered to another like-sized piece with a cutout design. The silver background is then oxidized and scratched to bring out contrast between the two pieces.
Suitable for a leather width of 1.4Size (HxL in inches) : 2'' x 2.9
This belt buckle is in sterling silver. 
Belt buckle back in iron. 
Proudly handmade in USA. 
THE LEATHER BELT IS SOLD SEPARATLY.For Leather Belts : please go to category Belts
    • Unisex One of a Kind piece
Sterling silver Navajo belt buckle made up of 4 elements, each one being hand-stamped of Native patterns.
This beautiful type of belt buckle is called Ranger Buckle and is a timeless US Western fashion accessory. 
This belt buckle is handcrafted with the Tufa Cast process: 
The artist takes a mold made of volcanic stone (tufa) and divises it in two parts. In the first part, he carves a design of his choice, melts silver in, and tightly covers it with the second part of the mold. Once the silver is hard, the mold eventually breaks, making this piece a unique item. This technique creates a jewel of traditionnal rough aspect on which we can clearly see the beautiful lumps of tufa stone. 
This belt buckle is polished, to have a smooth and refined finish. 
Suitable for a leather width of 18mm.
Width of the buckle (in inches) : 1.7
This belt buckle is in sterling silver. 
Proudly handmade in USA. 
THE LEATHER BELT IS SOLD SEPARATELY - Please contact us for more information.
    • Woman Navajo earrings.
Kingman turquoises (Arizona) carved in rhombus shape and set in sterling silver.
These earrings reflect the traditionnal work of the Navajos: the turquoises are surrounded by a twist wire, reminding the need to tame the stone as we tame a wild animal. Dimensions (H x l): 50mm x 15mm
These earrings are made in sterling silver. 
Proudly handmade in USA. 
    • Woman Navajo earrings
Large hoops made of spondylus beads, as well as smooth beads and carved beads in mat sterling silver. Diameter: 55mmThese earrings are made in sterling silver. 
Proudly handmade in USA. 
    • Woman Navajo earrings
Little hoops made in Sleeping Beauty turquoise (Arizona) inlay. Dimensions (H x l): 18mm x 6mm
These earrings are made in sterling silver. 
Proudly handmade in USA. 


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