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One of a Kind piece - Navajo handcraft

Artist : Aaron Anderson

This superb ring is as massive as heavy and represents Kachina Longhair, made in marquetry of many stones: we can see Sleeping Beauty turquoise (Arizona), Kingman turquoise (Arizona), Lander Blue turquoise (Nevada), coral, mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli, wood, bone, a tiny silver stick and even a touch of 14 carat gold.

The inlay technique used by the artist is called "Cobble Inlay", refering to cobblestone, a perfect name for this exceptional work which is as elegant as massive, that is contemporary but imitates the ancestral technique of the mosaic.

"Kachina Longhair" is known in ceremonies for its extremely melodious singing. Through her dance and song, the Kachina Longhair invokes rain, an element much awaited by the Natives since it is synonymous with a good harvest.

The Kachinas are incarnations of the spiritual form, they are supernatural beings who make the link with the divine. During certain ceremonies, they appear to the Natives while dancing and singing, under physical forms mixing animal features and abstract figures.

Dimensions on the phalanx (H x W) : 4cm x 2,5cm 

Weight : 103g

Proudly handmade in USA.


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