The Huron Wendake Indians insert their age-long craftsmanship in the making of these genuine leather-made moccasins. You'll appreciate the touch of an ancestral know-how on each pair of beaded and hand-laced Harpo moccasins. Treat yourself to a pair of moccasins that will allow you to tread the path of Life, as the Indian Ancestors did !



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      • Woman Navajo Ring, Coral set in silver
      • Woman Zuni ring
Cactus Flower in sterling silver set with Sleeping Beauty turquoises (Arizona). This ring is handcrafted with the Needle Point process. 
Needle Point: cluster of thinely carved stones. Dimensions (HxL): 26mm x 18mm
This ring is made in Sterling Siver. 
Proudly handmade in USA. If you don't find this ring in your size, please contact us, we may have it in stock.
      • Unisex Sterling silver Navajo ring.
Reproduction of the Indian head represented on the former American 5 cents coin.  
Height: 20mm
This ring is in sterling silver. 
Proudly handmade in USA. 
If you don't find this ring in your size, please contact us, we may have it in stock.
      • Unisex One of a Kind piece
Navajo pendant. Double Naja pendant in mat silver with ends in hand shape. 
This pendant is made with the Tufa Cast technique, one of the oldest processes used by the Navajos:
The artist takes a mold made of volcanic stone (tufa) and divises it in two parts. In the first part, he carves a design of his choice, melts silver in, and tightly covers it with the second part of the mold. Once the silver is hard, the mold eventually breaks, making this piece a unique item. This technique creates a jewel of traditionnal rough aspect on which we can clearly see the beautiful lumps of tufa stone. 
The Naja pendant reminds the horse shoe shape and is on many Navajo necklaces as a talisman for protection. 
Dimensions (H x l) in inches: 2,3 x 2,1
This pendant is made in sterling silver. 
Proudly handmade in USA. 
      • Unisex Pueblo Pendant Humming-bird feather
This feather is inlaid of pipestone, turquoise, marble, white serpentine and black-jet. 
In Native culture the humming-bird symbolizes joy, life, beauty, agility and love.
Pendant ring in sterling silver.Size (HxL) : 56mm x 15mm
Proudly handmade in USA. 
      • Unisex One of a Kind piece.
Zuni pendant representing Sunface, the sacred Sun Father. He is the symbol of life and is omnipresent in Zuni handcraft.
This sterling silver pendant is inlaid of black-jet, spondylus, mother-of-pearl and turquoise. 
The handmade Zuni inlay is a gathering of different stones (most often turquoise, coral, mother-of-pearl, black jet), carved and put together in order to create a thin geometrical pattern. The piece is then polished in order to give a smooth and elegant finish to the jewel.
This pendant is in sterling silver. Dimensions (H x l) in mm: 50mm x 35mm 
Proudly handmade in USA.
      • Woman One of a Kind piece
Santo Domingo necklace made of large Heishi beads in turquoise, shell and black-jet.  
Sterling silver clasp. 
Length (in inches): 17,7
Pueblo, Kewa: Native tribe of the South-West, notably known for making Heishi beads, little handmade beads in tubular or puck shapes, composed of different materials and stones (turquoise, black-jet, coral and shell).  
Proudly handmade in USA. 
      • Unisex Navajo necklace, Eagle set on silver
      • Woman Cactus Flower Navajo necklace with Sleeping Beauty turquoises set. Needle Point process. 
Needle Point: cluster of thin stones. Adjustable length. Diameter of the cental piece (in inches): 1,9
This necklace is made in sterling silver. 
Proudly handmade in USA. 
      • Woman Pueblo bracelet in Heishi beads. 
Heishi beads have a tubular shape. These ones are made in turquoise, shell and black-jet. 
Length (in inches): 6,4Clasp in sterling silver.  
Proudly handmade in USA.  
      • Man One of a Kind piece 
Navajo Bracelet in sterling silver with a beveled shape and finely carved of ridges. 
Wrist size (in inches): 7.5Width (in mm): 9mmThis bracelet is in sterling silver. 
Proudly handmade in USA. 
      • Man Navajo bracelet. Sterling silver feather. 
      • Unisex Unique piece - Pueblo Jemez pottery
Decorative clay pottery ornamented with Native patterns and Sunface symbol. 
Sunface is the sacred Sun Father, a positive and very important divinity for the Natives. 
Dimensions (diameter x height) in inches: 5,3 x 1,9
Proudly handmade in USA. 
      • Unisex Unique piece - Hopi handcraft
Kachina Long Hair cottonwood statuette, hand-carved and hand-painted.
The Kachina Long Hair is known for his extremely melodious song. With his dance and his song, this Kachina invokes the rain, an essential element for the Natives, as it gives good crops. 
The Kachinas carry the prayers of the humans to the divinities. They are supernatural beings who have a link with the gods. During some ceremonies they appear to the Natives by dancing and singing, and have an appearance mixing animals and abstract figures. 
Dimensions (H x L) in inches: 4,5 x 4,3
Proudly handmade in USA.
      • Unisex Unique Piece - Navajo handcraft 
Bear shape Navajo pottery, decorated by a sand painting. This type of painting is traditionnally made on the soil during rituals.  
This painting represents a Yei in its feminin form, the speaking goddess with a square face. She holds some evergreen leaves, symbole of fertility. In Navajo myhtology, the Yei are supernatural entities habiting earth before humans. 
Size (H x l x L) in inches: 5,9 x 1,6 x 9
Proudly handmade in USA. 


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